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Why we need to protect our data

Nigeria is hugely susceptible to cyber attacks due to failure to develop in-country data saving infrastructures.

A lot of Nigerian organizations had to turn to local service providers and other public sector organizations for help during the COVID-19 crisis, most of which are overburdened and challenged by outdated IT Systems.

As a result, a lot of organizations were forced to move their data to the Public Cloud through the services of AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. This led many organizations in Nigeria to default on the guidelines on Local Content law stating that all organizations operating within Nigeria should have their data stored within Nigeria.

Storing data in the public cloud outside Nigeria creates the problem of Data Protection since data stored in the public cloud is exposed to Cyber and Ransomware attacks because the existing public cloud service providers do not provide absolute data protection.

Sensitive citizens data such as BVN, National Identity Numbers and other private and confidential details needs to be protected from such attacks and exposures.

How Unitellas solves the issue of data protection

Upholding data sovereignty (the concept of storing data within the nation’s borders) has become a challenge. Local Service Providers are unable to effectively store data and further protect the stored data due to the fact that present Legacy Storage Infrastructures do not have the capabilities to offer the latest data protection mechanism (DATA STORAGE IMMUTABILITY).

However, Unitellas will empower local service providers to offer data immutability, a service that is exclusively offered by public cloud providers such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Local cloud service providers in Nigeria cannot compete with international cloud service providers such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud in terms of infrastructure, pricing, service delivery and management, and this has caused a lot of companies in Nigeria to patronize international public cloud service providers by storing data from Nigeria in other countries, thereby making it practically impossible to comply with the Local Content Law and even attracts other problems like latency

Financial Service Institutions (FSI) and other key organizations invest millions of dollars annually in acquiring and managing IT Infrastructures instead of focusing on their core business operations, because they must have an IT department to build and manage their data storage infrastructure – a service that should be handled by Local Service Providers in Nigeria.

If this sad narrative is not corrected, sensitive data from Nigeria will continue to be stored outside Nigeria, which would inevitably lead to data insecurity. When using international public cloud service providers, Nigerian orgaizations might not even know where exactly their confidential informations is being held, but with Unitellas, it is the opposite. You will know the exact location where your confidential information is being stored.

To solve this ugly situation, Unitellas Edge Cloud Services is empowering all Nigerian service providers with the necessary means to meet up with international standards with regard to data storage infrastructure, services, pricing and most importantly, security.

Unitellas is the official distributor of Zadara Solutions in Nigeria, while Zadara is a renowned world leader in Infrastructure-as-a-service and Enterprise Data Compute, Storage and Network-as-a-Service.

Unitellas is willing to empower local service providers in Nigeria to meet up with international Managed Service Providers (MSP) standards by providing local service providers with edge cloud services that eliminate huge Capital Expenditure (CapEX) with minimum Operational Expenditure (OpEX).

By subscribing to our services, local service providers and MSPs can now offer data compute, storage and network services with the latest data protection mechanisms competing effectively with renowned public cloud providers in infrastructure, security, pricing, management and service.

We offer true Infrastructure-as-a-service located in the public cloud same as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, it has 30 data centre locations of its own, supporting over 500 Service Providers around the world with two (2) state-of-the-art centres in Nigeria. One in Lagos and one in Abuja

Our partner, Zadara is the only existing OEM that can favorably compete with other public cloud service providers such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud in terms of data protection.

Through our collaboration with Veeam, an IT company that develops backup, disaster recovery and modern data protection software for virtual, physical and multi-cloud infrastructures, Unitellas can help local service providers offer data protection locally like other public cloud providers.

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