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What Is Unitellas Network as a Service (NaaS)?

Unitellas NaaS is a cloud model that enables users to easily operate the network and achieve the outcomes they expect from it without owning, building, or maintaining their own infrastructure.

Unitellas Network-as-a-service (NaaS) is a cloud service model in which customers rent networking services from cloud providers. NaaS allows customers to operate their own networks without maintaining their own networking infrastructure. Like other cloud services, NaaS vendors run networking functions using software, essentially allowing companies to set up their own networks entirely without hardware. All they need is Internet connectivity.

Unitellas NaaS can replace hardware-centric VPNs, load balancers, firewall appliances, and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) connections. Users can scale up and down as demand changes, rapidly deploy services, and eliminate hardware costs.

What's driving the trend toward NaaS?

Unitellas Network as a service (NaaS) is an emerging model for organizations to consume network infrastructure through flexible operating expense (OpEx) subscriptions, inclusive of hardware, software, management tools, licenses, and lifecycle services.

The traditional network model requires capital expenses (CapEx) for physical networks with switches, routers, and licensing. The do-it-yourself IT model requires time for planning and deployment as well as expertise to install and configure infrastructure and to ensure security access policies are in place. This model involves the following:

  • Diligent monitoring for updates and security patches is essential due to rapid changes in technology and security threats.
  • Provisioning a new service is a manual process that requires a technician to deploy and configure equipment at various locations.
  • Service provisioning and issue resolution have historically been lengthy processes.

As networks have grown in complexity—with more mobile users connecting from everywhere and with the expansion to cloud—IT teams have been challenged to keep pace.

Network agility with NaaS

Unitellas NaaS provides the flexibility to pay for services based on usage and to scale as business needs change. It also provides the ability to monitor and manage networking services and track usage and billing. Services can be ordered, deployed, and co-managed on demand.

Unitellas NaaS services can range from managed software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) and network access including wireless to security, unified communications services, and more—either in a public cloud or on virtualized customer premise equipment (vCPE). With the pace of innovation, most enterprises are finding they can no longer afford the time it takes to build and maintain their own network infrastructure.

What are the advantages of Unitellas NaaS?

Scalability: Cloud services like NaaS are naturally more scalable than traditional, hardware-based services. Enterprise NaaS customers can simply purchase more capacity from a vendor instead of purchasing, plugging in, and turning on more hardware.

Bundled with security: Unitellas NaaS makes it possible for a single provider to offer both networking services and security services like firewalls. This results in tighter integration between the network and network security.

Access from anywhere: Depending on how a cloud-based network is configured, users may be able to access it from anywhere — and on any device — without using a VPN, although this introduces the need for strong access control. Ideally, all a user needs is an Internet connection and login credentials.

No maintenance: The cloud provider maintains the network, managing software and hardware upgrades.

Flexibility: Cloud services offer more flexibility and greater customization. Changes are made to the network via software, not hardware. IT teams are often able to reconfigure their corporate networks on demand.

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