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What Is Unitellas Storage as a Service (STaaS)?

Unitellas Storage as a Service or STaaS is cloud storage that you rent from a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and that provides basic ways to access that storage. Enterprises, small and medium businesses, home offices, and individuals can use the cloud for multimedia storage, data repositories, data backup and recovery, and disaster recovery.

Unitellas Storage as a service (STaaS) is a subscription service model where a storage provider supplies access to storage and compute resources both on premises and/or over the cloud. STaaS saves you money through operating expenditure (OPEX) agility—you only pay for the storage you need, when you need it. In this article, we’ll dive into what STaaS is, how it works, and what its benefits are.

Why use STaaS?

Here is an important detail about how storage as a service:

Because storage is one of the costliest data center operations, with rising IT staff time required to manage the market’s ever-increasing data volume, it makes sense to subscribe to StaaS. With StaaS, organizations can centralize operations and improve cost management. With a flexible capacity that dynamically changes on demand, workloads are better managed without disruption or compromise. And because StaaS offers utility-like consumption pricing, organizations can allocate budgets more accurately.

What are the benefits of Unitellas Storage as a Service?
  • Avoid over-provisioning: The provider administers monitoring, load balancing, and planning capacity, so resources can be right-sized on an ongoing basis.
  • Reduce infrastructure costs:Storage vendors provide all infrastructure, including hardware arrays, so users no longer need to purchase any storage resources ahead of time, making storage an operational expense instead of a capital-intensive upfront cost.
  • Scale capacity and workload: Subscribers of StaaS gain a level of storage responsiveness that scales automatically, dynamically adjusting to changing application, user, and performance demands continuously.
  • Support digital transformation:By offloading storage management, staff can concentrate on business objectives of greater value to the business, powering an increased pace of innovation.
  • Centralize:With StaaS, storage is pooled and can be accessed through one unified interface, which reduces data sprawl and helps consolidate infrastructure overall.
Issues to consider with Storage as a Service

Handing off storage management does come with some potential drawbacks that IT managers should consider. These include:

  • Integration issues: Organizations often have significant investments sunk into a fleet of storage hardware, which may or may not be compatible with a vendor’s offerings. And while selling off the legacy hardware is possible, getting the full value out of the deal can be difficult.
  • Limited support:Response times and the technical expertise of post-sales support staff can vary greatly between vendors. In addition, getting extended support and maintenance after the original agreements expire can lead to steep increases in costs long-term.
  • Incomplete coverage: Some providers are limited in what storage protocols and deployment options they offer, or even provide limited integration with leading public cloud platforms. These may not go all the way to support your heterogeneous and hybrid infrastructure.
  • Availability: Not all vendors provide a guarantee for performance or effective capacity. Subscribers should negotiate if there are critical service-level agreement (SLA) requirements.
Benefits of Unitellas storage as a service

One of the key benefits of STaaS is that it can help businesses save on upfront costs associated with purchasing and maintaining their own storage infrastructure. In addition, STaaS providers typically offer service level agreements (SLAs) that guarantee certain levels of uptime and performance. This can give businesses peace of mind knowing that they have reliable access to their data.

To summarize, the primary benefits of Unitellas STaaS includes:

  • An OpEx subscription model that lets you optimize your storage costs
  • A simplified storage management environment
  • The always-on reliability of major cloud service providers
  • The ability to quickly scale and provision storage resources to your apps as demand grows

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