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What kinds of customers would this new offering be most appealing to?

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Customers who no longer want to deal with the lock in and high costs of a large cloud services offering.
Unitellas offers cost effectiveness, consistent performance, AWS compatibility, and predictable costs without the vendor lock in!

What workload is this good for?

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Container and virtual machine based workloads would be a great fit.
Things like Databases, Analytics, Web infrastructure, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Collaboration and SaaS (Software as a Service) would all be ideal for Unitellas Cloud Services.

Why is Unitellas different?

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From a public cloud perspective, Unitellas Cloud Services is a more predictable and controllable alternative to the large public cloud offerings (AWS especially).
As most AWS EC2 customers are aware, there are many costs associated with EC2 instances, and these costs cannot easily be predicted or forecasted. For customers working on a budget, this can be a nightmare.
Unlike others, we keep it straight forward from the beginning — Unitellas’ pricing is simple and predictable.

Is Unitellas competing with leading hyperscale public cloud providers?

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Universal File Protocol Support NFSv4   SMB SMB NFSv3 NFSv4+SMB
Active Directory ACLs Partial
Large File Volumes PBs   64TB 5TB 64TB 288TB
Large Block Volumes 16TB 1TB 64TB 288TB
Encryption of Data-at-Rest
Customer-Managed Encryption Keys S3/EBS Only
Dedicated, On-Demand Hardware
High IOPS per Volume 20K (PIOPS) 5,000 5,000/30,000 150,000
SSD/HDD Selection EBS Only Disk Only
Embedded Containers
Instant Snapshots & Clones
Remote Replication
On-Premises/Hybrid Cloud Option
Multi-Cloud Access
SLA 99.95% 99.99% 99.9-99.95% 100%

Why is this good for MSPs?

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Our MSP partners are very important to us!
Unitellas delivers the same experiences and benefits that users are accustomed to receiving from public clouds, but with significant cost savings and without the risk of single vendor lock- in.
As a fully managed solution, Unitellas engineers monitor, manage, and maintain the infrastructure 24/7/365, with regular performance reporting and complimentary, non-disruptive hardware upgrades at no additional cost.
The combination of our three major services, zCompute, zNetwork, and zStorage makes us an even more compelling partner for MSPs. We feel that we have several key areas of appeal for our Managed Service Provider (MSP) partners.

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