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Unitellas Monitoring Services

At Unitellas, we provide centralized visibility, context and control for distributed edge.

We help manage your systems by monitoring IT and OT environments across devices, assets, servers, containers, and networks, and providing enhanced security, compliance, and tool configuration to your hardware. With our monitoring technology, we offer intelligent anomaly detection, root cause analysis and remediation.

Monitoring helps you respond to operational issues proactively before your end users are aware, recognize security threats and events, and make data-driven business decisions.

Some proven values our monitoring service has brought include:

  • Proactive monitoring
  • Greater efficiency
  • Automation of IT operations
  • Faster MTTR (mean time to repair)
  • Better SLA
  • Reduced complexity
  • Accelerated Innovation


With Unitellas web-based interface, you are given visibility into the services your customers consume.

Using our platform will provide you with key functionalities like:

  • Secure end to end monitoring
  • Traffic analysis
  • Asset management
  • Log analysis
  • Visualized Dashboard
  • Advanced reports
  • Multi-tenancy, and so much more.
  • Automated Monitoring & Alerting

The monitoring reports contains details of the following:

  • Analytics, performance metrics
  • Automated alerts
  • Elastic provisioning
  • Chargeback actual usage
  • Add or reduce storage capacity as needed

Why the Unitellas monitoring system is a good choice for your organization

1. Comprehensive IT Operations Management: Unitellas provides comprehensive IT operations management capabilities, IT operations analytics (ITOA), and business service management (BSM). This makes it an excellent choice for large enterprise organizations that require a complete view of their IT environment, including applications, servers, databases, and networks.

2. Network Performance Monitoring: Unitellas' Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) module provides advanced network monitoring capabilities that allow you to monitor network traffic, bandwidth utilization, and device health. This can help you to identify and resolve network performance issues quickly.

3. Flexible Pricing: Unitellas' pricing model is based on the number of monitored devices, which makes it a more cost-effective option for organizations that need to monitor a large number of devices.

4. Easy Integration: Unitellas offers integrations with a wide range of technologies, including databases, cloud platforms, and middleware. With strong integration capabilities, allowing you easily integrate with third-party tools and systems, we help you streamline your IT operations and ensure that you have a complete view of your IT environment.

5. Simple User Interface: While Unitellas' user interface may not be as modern as other monitoring solutions, it is still intuitive and easy to use. Unitellas provides a comprehensive view of your IT environment, allowing you to quickly access critical performance metrics and navigate through different systems. This can help you to quickly identify issues and their root causes, ensuring that you can take actions to resolve them.

In conclusion, Unitellas is an excellent choice for organizations that require comprehensive IT operations management capabilities, ITOA, and BSM. You can easily monitor your IT environment, identify performance issues, and proactively resolve them. Our Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) module provides advanced network monitoring capabilities, ensuring that your network is always running at optimal performance, and with our flexible pricing models and easy integration capabilities, we are the solution your organization needs.

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