Why Unitellas ?

At Unitellas we empower african teleco's and cloud service providers by providing on-premise compute, network and storage as a service (IaaS) on your premise, cloud or hybrid while supporting SME's and large Enterprises to eliminate infrastructural & financial risks with our various service models.

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Our services include full stack completely managed infrastructure as a service model comprising of compute, network and storage fully designed for service providers and the modern enterprise

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Elastic cloud compute that scales to meet your business demands. Secure, dependable, and available where you need it. Move to the cloud, leave the cloud or simply need compute resources closer to the data source, zCompute delivers access to cloud compute capacity and scale on demand – you pay only for the resources used.

Elastic Compute Down to a Single VM​

High-performance, agile x86 compatible cloud. Self-service instance-provisioning, scales down to well below the starting price of competing edge solutions.

Elastic Block Storage

Easy to use, high performance block storage designed for use with zCompute for both throughput and transaction intensive workloads at any scale.

Virtual Private Cloud

Your own isolated, dedicated private data center within the Unitellas cloud infrastructure – a virtual network to design and allocate to meet your needs.

Load Balancer

Route traffic according to application or network considerations and distribute the amount of compute and/or networking capacity needed


Block Storage

Enterprise SAN, using native iSCSI, iSER, and Fibre Channel.

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File Storage

Enterprise NAS, using native NFS and CIFS for file storage.

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Object Storage

Resource isolation for security and performance.

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Why Unitellas?



We empower our clients to serve their clients better by creating meaningful solutions to drive excellence.



We aid our clients in offering conveninece to their clients as a leverage in new and emerging technologies.



We offer our clients solutions which distinguishes them in their industry enabling them to provide attractive and uninterrupted services



We aim to transform our clients businesses by aiding them with the required technologies to dominate their industries

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What Kinds of customer situations would this new offering be most appealing to?

For these customers who no longer want to deal with the lock in and high costs of a large cloud services offering, Unitellas through zadara offers them cost effectiveness, consistent performance, AWS compatibility and predictable costs without the vendor lock in.

Most virtual machine based workloads should be a great fit here. Databases, analytics, web infrastructure, CRM, ERP, Collaboration and SaaS (Software as a Service) to name a few would all be ideal for Unitellas Cloud Services with Compute and Storage Services.
Note that many customers are researching, considering or even moving to container based workloads for some of their applications. While Unitellas's zStorage Service can accommodate them, the new zCompute Services will not be container optimized until 2021. So, in the short term, container based workloads are not a good fit here but by mid to late 2021, we expect to be able to address these customer needs as well!

From a public cloud perspective, Unitellas technologies from our partner offers a more predictable and controllable alternative to the large public cloud offerings (AWS especially). As most AWS EC2 customers are aware, there are many costs associated with EC2 instances and these costs are not easily predicted or forecasted. This can be a nightmare for customers trying to manage to a budget! We have kept it straight forward from the beginning — Unitellas’s pricing is simple and predictable.

We believe that this new zCompute Services nicely compliments our existing zStorage Services offering and will provide MSPs a more cost effective infrastructure over a larger geographic footprint.

Our MSPs partners are very important to us! Unitellas delivers the same experiences and benefits users are accustomed to receiving from public clouds, but with significant cost savings and without the risk of single vendor lock- in. As a fully managed solution, Unitellas engineers monitor, manage and maintain the infrastructure 24/7/365, complete with regular performance reporting and complimentary, non-disruptive hardware upgrades at no additional cost.
The addition of zCompute to our industry leading storage-as-a-service zStorage offering makes us an even more compelling partner for MSPs. We feel that we have several key areas of appeal for our Managed Service Provider (MSP) partners.

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